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E-Rate Program

The E-Rate program, administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), allows eligible K-12 schools and libraries in the United States to obtain affordable communication services and Internet access. With discounts ranging from 20% to 90%, qualifying schools and libraries stay current with changing technologies, future-proof their networks and more effectively prepare their students for 21st century learning.
Telefonetica: A+ in E-Rate History. Experience in education solutions

As an approved E-Rate provider, Telefonetica has partnered with thousands of schools and libraries across the country, installing affordable state-of-the-art telecommunication and data networks. Though the level of E-Rate funding varies, Telefonetica consistently delivers the communication and IT solutions required for next-generation teaching and learning, while maximizing approved E-Rate funds.

With Telefonetica solutions and E-Rate discounts:

Schools can:

  • communicate more effectively with parents regarding student assignments, grades and events
  • add or upgrade to affordable next-generation services
  • improve Internet-based learning
  • connect and network with all of their school district locations

Libraries can:

  • make it easier for members to find material via on-line card catalogs and reference tools
  • access more books and resources through inter-library loan programs and quickly communicate with members regarding overdue notices, reminders, book availability and library-sponsored events
  • increase membership by offering high-speed Internet service
  • engage in e-book programs, adding value to their membership services

Education technology solutions from Telefonetica

With Telefonetica’s customized solutions, the educational institutions we serve bring technologically advanced phone systems, Internet access, networking solutions, and data security to their students, teachers and communities. We offer the technology foundations necessary for revolutionary connectivity—and ultimately, the best education possible.