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Voice & Phones

Telefonetica’s IP-based PBX solutions, Managed PBX and Hosted PBX, are ideal for organizations looking to streamline voice and data services into a single solution offering advanced applications and carrier integrations of your choice. We consistently monitor our network and we have one of the highest customer satisfaction and quality of service standards in the industry.

As your business grows, Telefonetica has the ability to customize advanced voice phone features you will need to manage a growing, dynamic workforce with multiple locations and even remote workers. With a predictable low monthly pricing that includes an innovative state-of-the-art technology platform, sophisticated IP phones, and unified communications features, managed voice solutions designed to meet the needs of your growing business.

Some of our Innovative Features and Benefits:

1: Find me/follow me call routing

Mobile workers will appreciate this feature. Find me/follow me call routing allows you to create a list of numbers where you can be found before the call gets pushed to voicemail. So, for example, you might have your office phone ring twice, but on the third ring, your cell phone starts to ring, and then on the fifth, your home phone. If the list is exhausted, the caller gets sent to voicemail.

2: Music on hold

If your company often has to put callers on hold, this feature is a necessity. Do not subject your callers to terrible elevator music — or worse, silence. This feature allows you to also create a marketing message to inform your customers of new promotions.

3: Bandwidth utilization and inbound/outbound call detail reports

Data! As a business, data tracking is essential to figure out where to direct your company’s time and energy. A managed, cloud-based VoIP service can provide bandwidth utilization information that allows you to view data usage over a period of time. Inbound and outbound call detail reports let you view details of your company’s call history, including rate centers, duration, originator, destination, and cost.

4: Call screening

Call screening is an often-forgotten feature of the VoIP business world that can come in handy. It allows you to look at a number on the caller ID and choose how to treat it. For example, if your spouse is calling, you can redirect the number to your cell phone. Or if it’s a caller that keeps trying to sell you energy supplements, you can disconnect them.

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